Was changed! Ozil throws a bottle of water after being substituted by his coach

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Mesut Ozil, playmaker of Fenerbahce causing a story to turn into a drama After he was dissatisfied with being substituted from the field Before venting his emotions by kicking a water bottle and throwing away his shirt.

Playmaker Fenerbahce 33 kicks a bottle of anger. Due to be substituted in the 2-2 draw with Royal Enwerp.

Mesut Ozil has been appointed captain of Fenerbahce this year and he hasn’t been given much time on the pitch. Judging from the last 10 games he’s been playing the full 90 minutes. Just one shot and before He had a problem with Vitor Pereira. The team’s manager after sending him to warm up. But not sent to the field made him feel dissatisfied by throwing away the sweater

In this game, the German army started out as a real person. But he was only on the field for 66 minutes, which Vitor Pereira decided to replace him from the field. Until referred to the lack of kicking a bottle of water to vent emotions. along with throwing his jersey on the ground

For Mesut Ozil and Fenerbahce this season, he made 11 appearances, scoring 3 goals and providing 1 assist.