That size! Icardi unfollowed another account on IG, leaving only his wife’s IG.

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Mauro Icardi unfollowed all other accounts on Instagram. There was only one account left, that was his wife’s only.

Mauro Icardi, Argentine striker Post a sweet photo with his wife on Instagram. After reconciling with his wife successfully. And also unfollow other accounts on Instagram as well.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker, 28, has been accused of cheating on wife Wanda Nara in a relationship with the French model. This incident was so severe that the woman carried her child out of Paris and immediately flew back to Milan, Italy. She also deleted all of her Instagram photos with Icardi.

Such incidents made Mauro Icardi mentally deteriorating and unable to train with the team. On Tuesday the 19th of October Which the club’s affiliation allows players to take a break from training to deal with personal problems by which he flew to Italy to reconcile his wife immediately

Recently, it seems that this spearhead will be able to reconcile with his wife by posting a couple photos on Instagram which reads: “Thank you dear. For returning to be a beautiful family Thank you for driving our lives. I love you. I’ll take this as a lesson. It hurts so much when we hurt the ones we love. We can feel good again when the person we love forgives us.”