Smith was furious after his players lost to Southampton.

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Following a successful win over Manchester United. Aston Villa started to show signs of deterioration with four defeats in their games starting with Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Arsenal West Ham United immediately dropped Aston Villa into the bottom of the table. They were just three points clear of the relegation area with Aston Villa hoping against Southampton. Only the victory must be obtained to save the situation.

But starting the game for only 3 minutes. Aston Villa was scored first from Adam Armstrong. After which both teams began to open the game immediately to score more goals especially. Aston Villa wanted to equalize as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Aston Villa failed to score a single goal and suffered a fifth straight defeat. It was Dean Smith was devastated by the result. The last match that could not be won.

“To be honest we seemed to be doing better at the start of the game but from the slightest mistake we had to concede goals straight away and I have to admit that in the first half they were the ones who performed well. More than a lot, even in the second half we did a better job but couldn’t score a goal which is no excuse for losing 5 games in a row and we are sure to come back to work. Excellent again after the national team break.”