Kuyt reveals Liverpool must do everything possible to keep Salah at the club

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Mohamed Salah has maintained an excellent standard of play at Liverpool, despite having previously failed miserably in the English Premier League with Chelsea and Mohamed. Mohamed Salah has helped Liverpool win their first English Premier League title, as well as the UEFA Champions League. The Galaticos plan came up again.

Mohamed Salah is one of the players Real Madrid are ready to bring to the team. Despite having to pay huge sums. But with only two years left on his contract. Mojae’s price has been increased. Mohamed Salah could be reduced if Mohamed Salah does not extend his contract. Of course, Liverpool will not delay to offer Mohamed Salah a new contract to consider immediately in hopes of an extension. Mohamed Salah’s contract has been extended but Mohamed Salah has yet to agree.

Dirk Kuyt has advised Liverpool to give everything possible to keep Mohamed Salah at Liverpool despite rumors of a transfer coming out. Dirk Kuyt said in an interview: Liverpool will have to do whatever it takes to keep Mohamed Salah at the club. But apart from keeping Mohamed Salah at the club. They must try to keep other players at bay. With the next team as well because Liverpool’s players are now great. But Mohamed Salah is still a player that Liverpool can’t live without.