I got it myself! Mourinho admits to blame for Roma Destroyed 6-1

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Jose Mourinho, Roma manager Take responsibility for the work that brought the Wolves of Rome. Hit by Bodo/Glim team from Norway collapsed

top Portuguese coach He admitted he expected the team to perform better in their UEFA Conference League match 1-6 by Bodo/Glimt on Thursday night, October 21.

Jose Mourinho led the Wolves of Rome in an unexpected defeat to Bodo/Glimt from Norwegian club. Which his team will have a number of rotations for players in this game. By sending them to the stars of the team to enter the field. And he admits that his team still has limitations on the players. The level of play of the original and the subs are very different from each other. But did not expect the results of the competition to be overwhelming to this extent.

It was the first of two consecutive defeats since he took charge of Roma (lost 1-0 to Juventus, 1-6 at Bodoglimt), and his latest defeat was also a game by Moore. Rinho lost the worst of his managerial career.

“We lost because the other side played better. I am the one who arranges the players to play. therefore it is my responsibility. That I had to set up like this Because I want to give players the opportunity to try their best to train but rarely get on the field. Including the rotation of the players on the lawn with cold weather. So I decided to do this,” said Jose Mourinho.

For Roma’s next match, they will host Napoli, a team that have won eight straight Serie A games.  ufabet