Dyche was disappointed that Burnley were unable to secure a win.

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Burnley’s England manager Sean Dyche has admitted he is deeply disappointed. Burnley’s lack of a win in the latest game. It has made Burnley’s situation even worse. Their chances of relegation began higher.

Burnley quickly dropped into the bottom of the English Premier League table with a very disappointing performance. They are now in the relegation area. Despite being down in the area. Relegation is not a lot and if winning is successful. There is a chance to move up to the area to survive the relegation immediately. Even if facing Brentford will not be easy and Burnley. I tried hard to beat Brentford to get it only.

But the result didn’t turn out like that as Brentford easily beat Burnley. Leaving the chance to fall into the relegation area of ​​Brentford. The drop immediately dwindled while Burnley had to stay in the next UFABET relegation area. Most recently it was Sean Dyche who admitted to being upset with the latest results by Sean Dyche in an interview: “We hardly Used to look at the problem for a bit, but once again we were unable to score goals.”

Even though we tried so hard to score goals to get the win, we weren’t sharp enough and in the end we lost the goal and had to go back empty-handed again, which I was upset enough. Deserves the results that come out, but after this we need to improve on shooting sharper.