Bruce agrees to part ways with Newcastle

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Newcastle United are in a serious crisis after failing to win a single match and most of them tend to lose often. Leaving Steve Bruce’s situation at stake. Although many parties will support Steve Bruce in the position of manager of Newcastle United next. But the entry of the capital. Saudi Arabia The sacking of Steve Bruce was raised again. he manager was linked with Newcastle United.

Tottenham Hotspur on the only condition is to win. Unfortunately, Newcastle United failed to secure a win. Causing Steve Bruce’s situation to be at risk immediately because of discussions with the board. The new set of the future is complete and in the end Newcastle United chose to part ways with Steve Bruce.

The separation between Steve Bruce. Newcastle United was agreed by both sides by Steve Bruce thanking. The interview said: “I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to manage Newcastle United and to all the staff. Supporters have always supported me during this difficult time. People have always believed and I hope Newcastle United will continue to move forward and become successful again.”