Arteta satisfied with Tomiyasu’s performance

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To be honest, Takehiro Tomiyasu moved to Arsenal with not so high expectations because his performance at Bologna was not that outstanding. But Arsenal. L was looking for a new right-back that wasn’t that expensive. So he brought in Takehiro Tomiyasu to join the team before selling Hector Bellerin to Real Betis on loan. Jobs and prospects will be released from the team with a permanent contract as well. Leaving only Real Betis to make an offer for Arsenal to consider only.

As for Takehiro Tomiyasu, he did a great job and was able to step up to be the main character of Arsenal immediately. It help Arsenal to keep winning. In the pre-international break and with his excellent on-field performances. Takehiro Tomiyasu received a lot of praise and Takehiro Tomiyasu continued to be a starter in Arsenal’s latest game. Nol faces Crystal Palace. But Takehiro Tomiyasu’s performance on the pitch has not been that good.

Arsenal easily conceded two goals before Alexandre Lacazette helped Arsenal gain one point. While Takehiro Tomiyasu took the lead. Mikel Arteta saying in an interview: “I don’t see Takehiro Tomiyasu going. There was a bit of fatigue and it was normal for a player to have a good time. A bad moment but I am still satisfied with his performance.”