Grading the players: Manchester City beat Huddersfield 5-0 in the FA Cup last night: Player Ratings

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  • Phil Foden scored two goals as Manchester City progressed to the next round of the FA Cup.
  • Kevin De Bruyne and Jeremy Dogu returned from injury and were involved in goals.

never failed to win. Huddersfield Town, a team in the Championship, won with a score of 5-0.

Phil Foden scored two goals alone, the rest coming from Julian Alvarez, Jeremie Dogu and Ben Jackson’s own goal.

In addition to victory “The Blues” also received good news when Kevin De Bruyne and Doku recovered from their injuries and returned to the field again. and is involved with the door as well

Grading the players: Manchester City beat Huddersfield 5-0 in the FA Cup last night: Player Ratings

Manchester City player ratings

Stefan Ortega – 6/10

Hardly touched the ball at all. But when faced with a test, they were able to prevent each other from conceding a goal. Especially Zorba Thomas’ solo moment.

Manuel Akanji – N/A

Can’t rate because he was substituted from the beginning of the game After having an ankle injury

Ruben Dias – 6/10

One of the few games that Dias found a little easier because of Huddersfield. Hardly posed a threat to Man City’s defense at all.

Yosco Guardiol – 5/10

It should be the first game where I’m able to stand in my own position. But was unable to show form at the โปรโมชั่น ufabet level that was expected Yet, there was no ugly mistake.

Sergio Gomez – 6/10

It’s not often he starts and must be admired for seizing his chance with an impressive performance. Especially in terms of the offensive game.

Rico Lewis – 6/10

Starting with the midfield role before retreating to stand at right back when Akankji was substituted But there was still a part in the offensive game for Alvarez’s goal.

Mateo Kovacic – 7/10

The form is considered usable. Control the game in the midfield. Including filtering the visiting team’s offensive game so it doesn’t easily reach the team’s backfield.

Oscar Bobb – 8/10

Almost always performs well when given the opportunity. With a performance like this, Manchester City probably won’t have to look for a right winger for a while. With great touch and vision, Bobb is believed to have a bright future ahead of him.

Phil Foden – 9/10

Continuing to build on the best form Unfortunately, he was unable to score a hat trick because he was substituted first. But De Bruyne’s return may force him to change positions soon.

Jack Grealish – 6/10

Got a lot of the ball and was able to survive as well as usual, even though his dragging and escaping from the defense wasn’t very noticeable. But it often creates benefits for the team. It’s a pity that there aren’t any goals or assists on the list.

Julian Alvarez – 7/10

A performance of 1 goal and 1 assist makes Guardiola probably more relieved to let Alvarez start against Newcastle United if Haaland is not yet fit.


Matheus Nunes (replacing Akanji, 18′)  –  6/10  –  Looks a little at first, then gets better and better and helps the team in many moments.

Kevin De Bruyne (in place of Grealish, 57′)  –  7/10  –  Just coming in to get fit makes the fans’ hearts rejoice. But his assists are beyond description.

Jeremie Doku (replacing Alvarez, 57′)  –  7/10  –  Another one who just recovered from injury. and came back with 1 goal

Micah Hamilton (for Foden, 76′)  –  6/10  – Not at all nervous for his first game at the Etihad Stadium.

Jacob Wright (replaces Kovacic, 76′)  –  6/10  – Debuts for the senior team.