Exercise and weight loss but fat does not reduce what should I do?

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  • successful weight loss What you should have is discipline in choosing foods and exercising that are right for you.
  • Sometimes, the weight that I lost until I was secretly happy. This may be due to lost muscle mass. because of insufficient food intake and strenuous exercise
  • The results of exercise are not just getting in the desired shape. But it also helps us from degenerative diseases. (hypertension,  diabetes,  hyperlipidemia, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease) slower
Exercise and weight loss but fat does not reduce what should I do?

Physics teaches us to understand that Our weight is the force caused by the acceleration due to the Earth’s gravity. (gravitational acceleration; g) acting on an object mass or ourselves

The easiest way to lose weight without doing anything is to UFABET move to another planet. That has less force on us than if we weighed 50 kg on Earth. If we weighed on other planets, we would weigh 8.28 kg on the Moon, 45.55 kg on Venus, 19 kg on Mars. and 3.5 kg on Pluto.

But we can’t travel to live on other planets right now. Those who are worried about excess weight It is inevitable to continue to maintain discipline in eating and exercising. In a cruel world full of delicious food

The goal of having a good shape. Each has different goals. Some people want to lose fat and gain muscle to look and feel like a bodybuilder. Or models and models cause many people to find After attending a body shape course. The weight has increased more than before. But in better shape Until as if thinning because there is muscle mass to replace lost fat mass But for some people, weight loss only wants to reduce fat mass, these things should consult a doctor because each person’s body is specific.

eat less or starve Make fat drop faster?

  • while we exercise The body will choose ready-to-use energy (Dietary Fuel) obtained from eating food first. When exhausted, it will adjust to use the stored energy (Body Fuel), including muscle protein. and fat accumulation next
  • Improper restriction of food or starvation and intense exercise, at first fat will be reduced but muscle will also be lost because the body does not have enough nutrients to repair the broken muscles.
  • To burn fat with minimal loss of muscle, there should be exercises that increase muscle resistance, such as weight training (exercises that use the strength of the muscles to lift equipment. Or exercise against your own weight without equipment) and do it in conjunction with cardio exercises such as running, swimming, cycling to help burn excess fat. But should be done in conjunction with controlling the amount of food appropriately. You should not skip some meals, especially breakfast. by simple principle of food control is
    • Avoid sugar, sugary drinks and sweets.
    • Reduce eating white flour.
    • Eat leafy vegetables for 40-50% of your meals.
    • Control the amount of fat you eat each day. focus on eating good fats
    • Eat good proteins such as chicken breasts, fish, and other lean meats. and reduce processed protein such as fermented pork, Chinese sausage, sausage, and ham

Avoid lifting weights for women. because it will make the muscles grow like a bodybuilder girl?

  • The muscles will be increased to that size. We have to exert so much that our muscles can’t handle it. in order for the muscles to build themselves up with proper nutrition and rest but for light weight lifting or resistance exercise will help maintain our muscles Not to disappear while exercising
  • The reward for people who like to increase muscle is that every 0.5 kg of muscle mass increases will increase the metabolism of energy by up to 40-50 kcal per day, and if exercise is supplemented with cardio. The body will use up the available energy (Dietary Fuel) in the first half hour of exercise and will use the stored fat as energy instead after the first energy has been exhausted. to compensate and repair muscles used while exercising

We now have specialized physical examinations and tools that help analyze fat and muscle mass. To help each person have a good shape and have good health at the same time.