7 types of food to avoid Risk of increasing high cholesterol levels in the body

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It is true that girls Can’t deny that Nowadays, there are many women who are facing high cholesterol levels. Most of these conditions are caused by eating foods that are high in cholesterol. Today, we would like to collect 7 types of foods that are at risk of increasing high cholesterol levels in the body. It is a type of food that should be avoided if you do not want to face high cholesterol. What kind of food will there be to follow along at the same time?

7 types of food to avoid Risk of increasing high cholesterol levels in the body

1. Cream Cheese
Cream cheese is a favorite food of many women. Which is considered as a favorite food that is not different from desserts or cakes But did you know that 1 ounce of cream cheese provides 27 grams of calories to the body? Therefore, it is recommended that girls Read the ingredients for different kinds of snacks. who choose to eat carefully whether there is cream cheese as an ingredient or not If you don’t want your body to face high cholesterol, it’s best to avoid it.

2. Ice cream
It is understandable that many women love eating ice cream very much. especially during menstruation The more the body needs desserts like ice cream than any other time. But even though the ice cream tastes delicious But the cholesterol in the body is very high. Because it is a food that contains milk itself.

3. Fast Food
Fast food is not only a food that is rich in sodium only. It is also a high cholesterol food. That’s no surprise why eating fast food often. therefore making the body easily sick Therefore, if wanting to avoid illness and be far from high cholesterol It is advisable to say goodbye to eating fast food and turn to healthy food that provides a variety of nutrients instead.

4. Egg yolk
, although eggs are classified as a food rich in a variety of nutrients. But many health lovers choose to eat only egg whites. Because egg yolks have high cholesterol levels. Therefore, anyone who wants to avoid high cholesterol Recommended to eat egg yolks once a week is enough.

5. Duck
_ And is a favorite of many women, as well as being rich in protein and high in B vitamins. But do not forget that this type of food is a very high cholesterol diet. and for good health, far from high ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com cholesterol Therefore should avoid eating duck regularly. try to eat for a long time that will be safer for health than

6. Caviar
Did you know that expensive luxury food like caviar? Not only high salinity but also rich in high cholesterol The amount of caviar 100 milligrams provides cholesterol to the body as high as 588 milligrams ever. Girls know this and should turn to waste a lot of money on foods that are better than me.

7. Shrimp, shellfish and crab,
of course, eating fish seafood. Classified as eating food that greatly affects the health of the body. but at the same time Seafood, such as shrimp, shellfish and crab, are listed among the foods that are very high in cholesterol. Therefore, anyone who likes to eat oysters, clams or mussels often. must be mindful of the risk of encountering high cholesterol as well

Believe that many women may be shocked by the 7 types of food that we have mentioned above. Because some foods are never considered to be classified as foods that provide high cholesterol content. Therefore, for the safety of the body Advise everyone to try to study the information of the food they eat well. especially the favorite food Because of the opportunity that we will eat often Sure enough, it’s very high.