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5 mistakes about eating vegetarian food or vegetarian

5 mistakes about eating vegetarian food or vegetarian

Eating a balanced vegetarian diet can provide many health benefits, such as helping with weight loss and controlling blood sugar levels. Reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer However, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet that provides all

You already know that “ cellophane noodle” is made from “mung beans”. Since beans are a plant that stands out in terms of “protein” nutrients, many people think that vermicelli has nutritional value. Just like mung beans, that is, it's protein. But in fact Is vermicelli really a protein? Why do many people insist that vermicelli is starch? We have an answer from an article by Dr. San Jaiyodsin for you. Is "vermicelli" a "protein" or a "starch"? Dr. San said that around the year 1985, the doctor had a tour of the Saraburi vermicelli factory. Therefore, we learned about the vermicelli production process in detail. “He would take mung beans and grind them until they were powder. Then let it precipitate in the solution. This flocculation process separates the starch from the protein. The powder part He used it to make vermicelli. This part is 86% waste starch with almost no protein at all. Therefore, he likes to give it to patients with chronic kidney disease who are afraid of protein. Because if compared with the lines together Vermicelli is what has the least amount of protein. in the production process The precipitated part is protein. He used it to make animal food. Therefore, please understand life again: vermicelli is flour. It's not protein.” Why is it popular to eat vermicelli for weight loss? Dr. San replied: “I think it comes from calculating the calories in food. Because in the document analyzing calories in food from the Nutrition Division, Department of Health, it has been stated that if calculated per 100 grams of weight, vermicelli provides only 80 calories, while thin noodles provide 220 calories. Large has 160 calories, so weight loss campers recommend vermicelli instead. But my Maharat advice is if you want to lose weight. Reduce carbohydrates and fat. This includes stopping eating all kinds of 'noodles' and vermicelli as well.” Therefore, although vermicelli is a carbohydrate or flour that provides lower energy than other types of noodles But still have to control the amount of consumption well. After all, vermicelli is still "starch" and you should focus on eating a variety of foods. Exercise regularly and get enough rest This should help you successfully lose weight. and will definitely be the owner of a healthy and perfect body

Is vermicelli a protein or a starch?

You already know that “  cellophane noodle” is made from “mung beans”. Since beans are a plant that stands out in terms of “protein” nutrients, many people think that vermicelli has nutritional value. Just like mung beans, that is, it’s protein. But in fact Is vermicelli really a protein? Why do many people insist